myBurgerLab is a proud homegrown Malaysian community brand which was inspired by the Shake Shack (US), In-&-Out (US), G’rilled (Australia), and GBK (UK) to create and sell the best gourmet burger on a freshly handmade charcoal bun with no shortcuts.


myBurgerLab had a loyalty programme where the VIP members get a physical black card. Even though they had a pool of member’s details; they were not able to utilise the data effectively in their marketing and promotional efforts. There was no way of tracking how each campaign fared and if they were getting any ROIs. Similarly to their Birthday reward campaign, these were the challenges that they face:

  • Do not have a database of the member’s details stored, therefore, do not know how many and when their birthdays are.
  • Unable to track and control redemption of the Birthday Rewards. 
  • Do not know if those that have redeemed the Birthday Reward return (in the following months) to dine.
  • Could not track the ROI of the campaign.


Digitising the loyalty programme that will be able to identify each member and the ability to understand their spending behaviour so that we are able to keep them engaged to the brand. The loyalty app created a platform for us to create a sales conversion funnel and therefore be able to send targeted marketing promotions and track their performance.

  • Membership is a digital version stored within the app on member’s phone.
  • Scheduled push notifications to customers wishing them a happy birthday on actual day and to remind them to utilise their Birthday Rewards before expiry.
  • Able to track specific rewards redemptions, including the Birthday Rewards through the app.
  • The Campfyre platform allows us to create a sales conversion funnel from the database and release targeted messaging to create additional sales and engagement


  • Acquired new members: Total new members increased by about 300% within 2 months.
  • Increase in Birthday Reward redemption rate: 200% increased within 2 months.
  • An average of 30% of returning customers after Birthday Reward redemption.

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