In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, all households are required to stay indoors and only to go out for the purpose of buying essentials and in some cases to work (for the healthcare, food & beverage & telecommunications industry). This has forced a lot of businesses to reconsider how they operate in this new “normal” until we find a cure to this virus. With Movement Control Order (MCO) in place, consumers are unable to dine in, but they are able to order takeaway.

The following are the restrictions imposed on restaurants and food businesses during MCO in Malaysia:

With that in mind, to adapt to the restrictions we proposed to add another service on the existing website for customers to pre-order and pick up later at their selected labs.


We built a microsite (within 3 days after MCO was announced) with a clear and simple “call to action” (CTA) where users can pre-order their menu of choice and collect it from their preferred lab. myBurgerLab's role in this is to make sure that their lab and kitchen's SOP will be able to handle orders online to the point of pick up.

Besides that, we also ensured that mBL+ points for their members who order online will be reflected on their account. mBL+ members can check their balance on the app and we have extended the rewards redemption in-app to 31 Dec. Here’s why:

  1. To spread out the crowds for redemptions when store reopens.
  2. To win customers, giving them the ease of mind that their vouchers are usable & valid for use until end of year.
  3. For ease of communications especially the frontline support team.

This is the screenshot of the microsite we launched for myBurgerLab within 3 working days.


Do not let your great product go unnoticed with bad marketing! Make it known to your customers and potential customers through ALL of your social media platforms, websites and other communication channels like SMS or Email marketing.

Sharing user generated content for your social media posts.
Clear messaging on Instagram photo with an eye catching visual.
Being transparent in your caption to explain the reason for this service which is to minimise crowd (while queuing) to prioritise safety for all (customers & employees) will gain your brand trust and build loyalty.
Always remember to update regularly on your opening times and anything else in between as changes occur due to compliance of MCO.
Post on myBurgerLab's official Facebook Page

Make use of your IG Stories Feature by adding a Countdown Timer to create urgency. There is also an option for users to set the timer into their phones as a reminder before the last call. This is shown in the video below.

On the same platform, myBurgerLab also added the "Swipe Up" feature on IG Stories to create a seamless experience for customers to order through their mobile phones. Check out the video below to see how easy it is for someone to order.

Finally but not least, the loyalty app (mBL+) scheduled push notifications and highlights to each customer to inform them of this new feature that is available.

On your official website, make sure that it includes clear Call to Action buttons to direct users to the intended page.


In order to stay in business for restaurants and eateries during this season, it is inevitable that we have to change the way things as this is the new "normal". What used to be "upgrades" to increase efficiency or as "options" for customers like e-wallet payment system, pre-ordering online and loyalty programs are now deemed as a necessity as stricter social distancing rules are applied to stop the spread of Coronavirus until we find a vaccine for it. Speak to us today to find out how you can survive in this current norm as this battle is not a short one. Call or WhatsApp +6018 - 9722 620.