Face to Face Noodle House is a local brand with its heritage and history goes back to about a century ago; inspired by Jook Sing noodles made by the founder’s great grandfather. With the vision of bringing authentic and high-quality Sarawak noodles to the masses, they believe in creating good food and having sincere “face to face” connections with customers.


The client would like to start a loyalty program to drive customer engagement to the brand. We propose to take the opportunity to launch the app with their nationwide campaign where their customers could win generous amounts of cash prizes by attempting to consume their specially crafted version of Hot & Spicy Pan Mee Noodles at their stores.

Drawing from a previous experience they had when they ran a similar campaign, automating and digitising the sign-up process for the contest will lower cost in printing forms and manpower to manually distribute, collect and process them. With a digitised way to collect entries, customer's details are stored and recorded on one platform that is easy to refer to and will significantly minimise human error and discourage fraud. It would prose as a challenge to monitor the participation of customers manually as each store’s manpower also varies across each location. Therefore, the digital loyalty app will ensure the smooth execution of the campaign across all their franchisees.

Gamification to Drive In-App Engagement: Face to Face Noodle Hot & Spicy Pan Mee Challenge


To include gamification (contest campaign) as an acquisition strategy for customers to download the app and keep them engaged with the brand. 

We were responsible for:

  1. Create a simple and friendly user path for customers to take part in the challenge.
  2. Working with the client to communicate the campaign mechanics and prize clearly to eliminate any ambiguity and probability of fraud and misunderstanding for those that will be participating in the challenge.
  3. Create a timely leaderboard to showcase the participants and their performance.
  4. Include an Augmented Reality(AR) Filter as part of the submission process to create content for the viral effect.


  1. Simple and effective contest entry interface for Hot & Spicy Pan Mee Challenge.
  2. A daily updated Public Scoreboard and own achievements record.
Campaign Mechanics

1. Download the app and register your details.

Image: Downloading and sign-in journey of F2F Kaki app.

2. Select your preferred level of spiciness to gain respective entries to stand a chance to win the Lucky Draw and be in the running to participate in the Grand Championship and win the Spicy Hero title.

Image: How to join the Hot & Spicy Pan Mee Challenge including taking a selfie with the built in AR filter.

3. Keep track of your own progress and others on the public scoreboard.

Image: The visuals of the Public and Personal Scoreboards.
Photo: Grand Lucky Draw winner, Mr. Chong walked home with RM8,888 was selected from a pool of 24,292 entries.
Photo: The well deserved Spicy Hero, Ms Kumi walked home with RM3,000 after defeating 5 other competitors during the Grand Championship by finishing her Hot & Spicy Pan Mee the fastest every round.
Photo: The team behind the app (Shoppertise & Face to Face Noodle House team) together with the hosts of the prize giving event held at Face to Face Noodle House in Sunway.


Gamification or contests could create excitement and keep your customers engaged with your brand. Make sure that the mechanics are easy to follow and highlight the rewards to ensure a higher participation rate.


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